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When lint clogs a dryer duct, you are at risk for a home or business fire. Sadly, there are over 15,000 dryer-related fires each year. Dryer vent cleaning helps to prevent costly fires, reduce dryer downtime—and keep your building’s dryer system functioning properly. My dryer vent cleaning service is a cost-effective way to protect the health and safety of building residents. With this service I remove lint, birds’ nests, small articles of clothing and more from dryer vents in houses, beauty salons, hotels, multi-family living structures and other establishments. I use a high-powered vacuum to clean dryer vents, as well as furnaces, heaters, air ducts and HVAC systems. Although many companies offer dryer vent cleaning, and do not clean the full length of the dryer vent run. I ensure that the full length of the dryer vent is clean when I leave your property. This may entail cutting additional access points to the dryer vent from the attic, basement—or where ever the dryer vent routes through your home or business.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits
​If your clothes are taking more than one cycle to dry, or your dryer becomes hot to the touch, you may have a buildup of lint and debris in your ductwork. Lint buildup catches water vapor, preventing heat from properly venting outdoors. This is a serious problem that could burn out your dryer or cause a fire.Benefits of routine dryer vent cleaning includes:Reduced risk of dryer vent-related firesLower energy billsFaster dryingIncreased dryer lifespan and reduced need for maintenance. To ensure the safety of your family, tenants, personnel and guests, We can discuss a cleaning schedule tailored to your usage, structure and ducting type. To schedule an on-site consultation, call or email me today.

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